Hidden audiences: How to find them
and why they matter

As a professional association with memberships and certifications, the value you have to offer career builders may remain consistent, but that doesn’t mean your audience will. When you hone in too closely on your audience, you can become so hyper-focused on your targeting that you might miss out on fresh prospects, just waiting to hear a message like yours.


Think beyond job titles.
Beyond the titles that match the certification or membership you offer, think about your targets’ industry at large. Think about their job responsibilities.

When you look beyond the roles within a company, to the ways that different departments and team members interact, it opens up a whole new realm of targeting possibilities.

There are cross-departmental skills that different team members need to work together more effectively. And acquiring a certification might be the most effective way of ensuring team strength.

Target small businesses.
Their members juggle multiple roles and are eternally hungry for professional development.

Small businesses tend to have people wearing multiple hats, which means their skillsets need to be equally diverse. They’re likely to be more open about how your professional services can help them juggle their various roles and tasks.

Uni Book

Target college graduates.
They may not have the professional experience necessary to break into the competitive job market, but your certifications and membership connections can help get them there.

If you’re still having trouble identifying or defining this audience, consider doing some primary research. Your current and previous customers are your greatest resources for finding and referring future prospects. You can get to know their career aspirations directly through surveys, or indirectly by browsing their LinkedIn profiles.

Once you re-examine how the titles, roles, and responsibilities intersect and interact across industries, you can begin to adjust your marketing strategy.

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