Careful, your positioning
statement is showing.

Okay, so we all know the difference between a positioning statement and a tagline, right?

A positioning statement is intended to set an internal direction, usually for several years and is the foundation for your messaging. And a tagline? Well, a tagline is typically campaign-specific, externally-focused and is usually more short-term in nature, directed towards the needs of your customer.

The trouble is, we’ve seen clients use them interchangeably or in place of one another.

When both are used to complement each other, the effect is a consistency of purpose across the organization and a clear sense of your brand, for consumers.

Sounds easy? Sounds like something every brand and brand manager would want? Well, it is.

But sometimes the most obvious or sought after answers are right in front of us.

Join us next time when we kick off Spring with a few timely marketing insights.

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