The real-time
messaging dilemma

An effective dialog between your brand and your customers hinges on near-real-time communication. However, this is challenging, given that all content must undergo medical-legal-regulatory review. So, what’s the best way to create meaningful content, get it approved, and get it out when it’s needed? In this post, we consider some key strategies.

1. Know your audiences.

As you know, your brand probably has multiple audiences, each with individual perspectives, behaviors, and triggers. The better you can get inside their heads and adopt their perceptions, points of view, and the ways they are already talking about the disease state/health issue that your brand addresses, the more effectively you can develop a messaging platform and tone of voice that enables you to talk to them in their own language.

2. Think ahead.

Don’t just plan what messages you are going to send to your customers; anticipate how they may react to those messages – and then prepare content to address those possible reactions. Will your content spawn other conversations? How will you respond to those new conversations? How will your customers react?

3. Get MLR buy-in as early as possible.

If you involve your MLR personnel early in your brand messaging process, you can either craft your messaging platform together, or at least get their buy-in on its direction. Take advantage of informal or concept reviews to get a read on what will or won’t fly during the formal or final submission.

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