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#MeetTeamBacke: Mike O’Hara

Pharmaceutical companies have significant marketing needs and operate within elaborate, highly rigid regulatory constraints. They also tend to hire large advertising agencies to support their major brands. Mike O’Hara, Backe’s VP and Management Supervisor, explains how Backe has been able...

Private, four-year, and about to close?

A quick look at the number of four-year colleges that have closed begs the question: Who’s next? For institutions that want to appease alumnae, remain independent, and still keep the campus brimming with activity, the research points to a few...

#MeetTeamBacke: Koree Ritter

A/B testing in email marketing: What happens when you lose your “control”? Email marketing lets you do a lot of testing – trying different strategies, lists, and creative to see which combination works best. If a particular formula outperforms others,...