Dorothy Connors

Dorothy Connors

Accounting Supervisor

What does your role say you do?

Accounts receivable, accounts payable and other general accounting functions.

What else do you do beyond your role and outside of the office?

Spend time with my husband and two sons, librarian for the church library and treasurer for the Home and School Association.

Why do clients enjoy working with Backe?

We produce quality work on time and are easy to work with.

Favorite relationship (on-screen, fictional, inanimate, real, conceptual or otherwise?)

My parents and my in-laws who have been married 116 years combined.

Do you have any nicknames? If so, tell us how that nickname came to be.

Dor (like close the door)

Place where we are least likely to find you?

Skiing down from the top of a mountain


March 6, 2017