Randi Nicole Sargent

Randi Nicole Sargent

Web Designer

What does your role say you do?

I make ugly things pretty and functional.

What else do you do beyond your role and outside of the office?

  • Getting swifty!
  • Love me some Flyers!
  • PEX (Google it)
  • Drawing (Yes, people still use paper & pencil)
  • Being with my son, he is all the best parts of me and so much more.

Why do clients enjoy working with Backe?

We pour our hearts into our work to reach the best creative outcomes.

Favorite relationship (on-screen, fictional, inanimate, real, conceptual or otherwise?)

Sam & Dean Winchester (Supernatural Bromance) or
Doc Brown & Marty McFly aka Rick & Morty in animation terms.

Do you have any nicknames? If so, tell us how that nickname came to be.

Munch-a-bunch – My family started this when I was a kid but I have no idea why.
Sarge – This one is kinda obvious.
BigRan – After the ‘Real World: San Diego’ premiered there was a guy named Randy that everyone referred to as BigRan and I guess it kinda became a thing so people started calling me that.

Place where we are least likely to find you?

Near a slug, creepy one-footed creatures of the underworld!


August 10, 2017