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Aptevo Therapeutics is a biotech company focused on bringing specialty therapies to market. Their IXINITY® product faces significant competition in a very small market of people with a particular disease state. IXINITY also faces confusion and competition with other treatments in its class.


We determined that our lead-generation campaign had to highlight patients’ experience of being on IXINITY and the unusually dedicated community of support behind it – and to emphasize that there is another option for people who continue to experience problems with their current treatment.


We worked with Aptevo to identify new marketing media, with creative and search terms focused on this specific chronic condition. We tested a variety of messages positioning IXINITY as another potential treatment option. And, we developed a new, more user-friendly, mobile-optimized website.


Traffic to IXINITY.com more than doubled in July-September 2017 compared to the previous quarter. And, we generated a 10% increase in new leads after the launch of the new website and media campaign.